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Solxira - Renewable Energy

Individual entrepreneur (Olímpio Guedelha) sensitive to environmental issues. I believe that the use of the inexhaustible energies such as solar, may decisively contribute to reversing the degradation of the environment. Supply and install, especially solar collectors for domestic use (heating water). But also photovoltaic (electricity), wind power (wind).

Hugo Guedelha My name is Hugo Alexandre Farinha Guedelha. I am Portuguese and I have Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal. I see myself as a dynamic person who utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value. This page is essentially to provide my CV and some of the work I've done in parallel. Over the years I have used some of my free time to perform some web pages. You can see the pages held in my portfolio. Also I have followed some artists that you can see more information in the Artists menu.

Baba Soul - Video Clip Oficial - Lisboa

Baba Soul and his band currently living in Norway. One of the artists I represent and continue to follow, a very good artist that is achieving success. Music with roots and influences from a wide range of african musical traditions such as Blues, Rock n Roll, Gospel, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, as well as others like Reggae, Dancehall, Zouk and Afrobeat.

Loving You Charles Bradley
Cover by Baba Soul


Hugo Guedelha NetxiraGroup Informatics Engineers from Instituto Superior Técnico, with some experience in this field We do your webpages "as the client want". Different types of page according to the needs and desires of customers. Whether they are individuals, companies and other organizations (clubs, teams, associations, etc..). Very Simple pages (and therefore very affordable prices) and more complex pages that can include interactivity (auctions,..)

Hóquei em Patins - Jogo Treino Carregado

The sport that I love, and which I played for about 20 years. I went through various clubs, all in the arround of Vila Franca de Xira area in Portugal. Started in UDV - União Deportivo Vilafranquense, passed to the Hockey Tigers (in Almeirim), went to Vialong and in 2013 played in Hoquei Carregado (ADC).

Playing Hockey since 1991 - great sport

Solxira - Olimpio Guedelha in TV - Ecocasa

Thankfully there are more and more people who are betting on a different energy model, based on clean energy and that respect the environment. This is a responsible and sustainable consumption. This meets our present needs without compromising the future of life on earth. It is based on energy that does not pollute the environment. Being a user of these energies, not only means saving on gas bill, electricity and diesel, but also represents a benefit, both for society and for the environment.

(EcoCasa, rtp2 - April 2008)
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